Dholki Beads Necklace

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Dholki beads jewellery has been worn by women for many generations and is still one of the hottest selling pieces. Silver dholki beads necklace compliments both Indian and western outfits.

What is a Dholki Necklace? Dholki mala is a traditional jewellery popular in the state of Maharashtra. Dholki is a drum shaped gold or silver beads. Dholki in Marathi means two-headed hand drum.

Silver dholki shaped beads are strung on a cotton thread by our skilled craftsmen in many layers. Dholki beads Mala is a beautiful layered necklace. We can make single line dholki, 2 line dholki necklace, 3 line dholki necklace and as many layers as you want. They are light weight as the silver dholki beads are wax filled.

We have pure silver dholki necklace, pure gold plated dholki beads necklace  and two tone dholki or dual tone dholki in affordable price. These real dholki beads are beautiful.