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Bugadi or Bugdi is a style we can’t stop loving. Bugadi earrings have always been a great demand in our store for years and the need for bugadis are stronger than ever now. Getting Helix piercing done is a huge trend right now as it gives an edgy and cool appearance. Shop new bugadi collections here

What is a Bugadi?

bugadi earrings by macs

Bugadi or Bugdi is an ear ornament worn in the upper part of the helix of the ear. It is known as Koppu in Tamilnadu and Karnataka and Bugadi in Maharashtra. Bugadis are more commonly used in Maharashtra and Kolhapuri Bugadis have some incredible designs with stones.

Bugadi has 2 parts, It has a long hollow plug into which fits the other part which is a screw. It is handcrafted in 925 pure silver. 

 MACS Silver Bugadi

What Is a Helix Piercing?

A helix piercing is a piercing where the cartilage on the outer or upper parts of an ear is pierced. There are several ways to position it, depending on your preference. These include forward helix, lower helix and upper helix. You can also opt for double or triple helix piercings. 

Forward helix piercings are where the frontal cartilage area is pierced which is different to a standard helix piercing, which is normally done at the upper rear area of the ear cartilage. Bugadi is worn on the upper helix part of ear. 




  Img Courtesy: blog.freshtrends


Bugadi in History & Types of Bugadi

bugadi in history, tamil woman wearing bugadi earrings

Image Courtesy: Pinterest: Tamil woman wearing bugadi ca.1894

Wearing a bugadi was a social custom during olden times. It signified the Maratha Kshatriya tradition and Hindu tradition. Bugadi earrings were often seen in old paintings including Raja Ravi Verma paintings which suggests that the bugadi piercings were common in olden times. 

 Bugadi in history of India

A book named "Earrings: Ornamental Identity and Beauty in India" by Waltraud Ganguly beautifully describes about various ear ornaments used in India and gives a lot of details about various types of bugadis used in Indian history

According to him, disc shaped bugadis with geometric designs were probably worn by Non Hindus of Kerala and Srilanka 

Types of Bugadi in history of India


Types of Bugadi as seen in historical books and museums are Disc Bugadi, Pearl moti bugadi, Kalash bugadi, Jhumka bugadi, Khaddi bugadi, Clove or lavanga bugadi 

 bugadi indian history

                          Image Courtesy: Indian Jewellery: The V&A Collection London: V&A, Ear ornament, Tamil Nadu, c.1885.

old bugadi

   Old Koppu Image Courtesy: Pinterest (Prasanna Balaji)

God diety laxmi bugadi old

Old Disc Bugadi with deity design
Image Courtesy: Pinterest (antiquejewellery website)

old kerala bugadi

Kerala Earrings, South India End 1800
Image Courtesy: Pinterest (cosecosigioielli)
tribal woman wearing bugadi
Tribal Indian woman wearing bugadi
Image Courtesy: Pinterest (bodymodorigins)


Few of our bugadi designs: 

 bugadi earrings


bugadi earrings by MACS

As cartilage piercings gain popularity, choose quality jewelry that looks classy yet safe for your piercings. All our bugadis are handcrafted in 925 pure silver, thus safe for sensitive ears. Planned piercings around the ear enables you to show off your personality and gives you a unique look.


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